Most Popular Questions Answered

I can not find your price sheet for prints and digital images, where is it?

The price sheet that contains the prices and various products that is available to order from session images is located at the bottom of the Page named- Menu of  Services and Prices.   

How far in advance should I book a session?

Book as far as a year and a half, or 18 months in advance.

What happens if it rains or storms during a beach, or outdoor photo session?

If the weather is bad, then we will have to reschedule for the next available day.  If a day or time cannot be agreed upon, you can give the session deposit to someone else or wait for as long as 1 year to use. 

What should we wear to our family photo session?

I suggest to definitely coordinate your outfits, but it is not necessary to match completely.  There are some amazing examples online- check out Pinterest.  The Style Guide on the bottom of the Family Sessions page is worth viewing and downloading for inspiration.  

Do you offer Mini Sessions?

Yes!  But only several times a year. These sessions are budget friendly and a great way to get in front of my camera for a very short session. They are usually themed. I usually offer them around Christmas time and plan on doing one this summer as well for beach mini's. Mini Session dates and announcements will be posted on social medial and on this websites home page. So Stay Tuned!

Do you photograph pets?

Yes!  I love animals - all of them!   If you want to bring your dog to a beach session, just let me know ahead of time since there are some locations that they are not allowed.