Headshots from NYC to SWFL

Professional Headshot by Alma B Photography

Today in the digital marketplace- the Head Shot is as important as a business card.

You have 2.6 seconds to make a first impression online.   What impression are you making with your current headshot?

A winning headshot displays both confidence and approachability.  Come into our studio and get that image that will sell yourself and  your brand.

You need a professional no fuss Headshot

We help you with style and image, so that your portrait is you, but with an attractive, stylized and polished edge.  You need to have a winner headshot that will help you stand out from the crowd!  Headshots should make you appear both confident and approachable.  We coach you and are not satisfied until we have the winning shot! 

Our studio uses a continuous LED lighting system that helps the photographer sculpt the light, ensures small pupils and the results are breathtaking!  It is the most effective lighting technique developed by the infamous Headshot photographer, Peter Hurley.

  Our headshot method is specific to Peter Hurley's methodology and we are the only headshot photographers North of Naples and South of Tampa that are mastering this modern portraiture style.

You can get a Headshot in Naples, and in other cities in South Florida, but nothing compares to our sophisticated and advanced lighting and coaching techniques.  


It's really Painless and Quick

We make the process as easy as possible, and even enjoyable some say.  It is only a picture, but it is how the world will see you, so we take our job very seriously.  We make sure that you are presentable, styled right and have the right expression for your profession AND appear approachable. Our hope is that your gorgeous headshot will bring you results and you come back at least every 3 years for an update. :)

It is all about the Squinch!

Learn how to always look good in front of the camera! I do ask that you do watch it before our session...

Watch, learn and laugh - He is entertaining.

It's all about the Jaw!

This video is a game changer!  Always look amazing in photos if you do this! 

Holding the Sub!

Learn how to take at least 10 lbs with this move! 

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